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The Parish of Mere is situated in the extreme south-west corner of the County of Wiltshire and the parish boundary also forms the Dorset County boundary.
Nestling beneath the South Wiltshire Downs, large parts of the surroundings are designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are also a number of sites in and around Mere that provide a wealth of historical and archaeological interest.

Mere has a great sense of community and has many facilities that even larger towns and villages would envy, with its own Library and Information Centre, Museum, Doctors’ Surgery, Dentist, Post Office, Chemist, Police and Fire Station, Mere school, a vibrant and successful primary school, shares grounds with a variety of sporting facilities including football, cricket, bowls, tennis, and a skate park.

The town is well provided for with public meeting places in the Grove Buildings and the Lecture Hall and has a number of shops providing the essential basic everyday necessities. There can be few people here who can say that this town has nothing to offer them for their hobbies and pastimes. Indeed, whilst conducting a survey for the recent Parish Plan, one lady wrote ‘there is so much going on that there are not enough evenings in the week!’




Older person’s standard Wiltshire concessionary bus pass

Information about the renewal of bus passes
From 01 January 2019, not all bus passes will be renewed automatically. This is because there are approximately 20,000 passes in circulation that have not been scanned on a bus prior to renewal, indicating that the pass has not been used. In these cases, the passes will not be automatically renewed.
If your pass is not automatically renewed but you would still like to receive one to use in the future, please contact Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0100 and we can arrange for your new pass to be issued.
Wiltshire Council regrets that any charges which may occur on bus journeys are non-refundable.