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Duchy Manor,
Springfield Road,
BA12 6EW
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Dear Councillors,

Your attendance is requested for a meeting of the Town Council to be held on Monday, 2nd December 2019 at 7.30 p.m. in The Andy Young Pavilion, Springfield Road, Mere, BA12 6EW

Yours sincerely,


Lindsey Wood,
Town Clerk.

1. Public Session
Members of the public are invited to address the Council on any issue over which it has a power. This session will be limited to 15 minutes (3 minutes per speaker). The Chairman will convene the Town Council meeting after the public session (please note that once the meeting has been convened members of the public are no longer permitted to speak unless invited to do so by the Chairman).
Please Note: By entering the meeting room you are consenting to the use of your name being recorded in the Minutes.  The meeting may also be recorded by the press or members of the public.  Any person or organisation choosing to film, record or broadcast any meeting of the Council or its committees is responsible for any claims or other liability resulting from them so doing and by choosing to film, record or broadcast proceedings they accept that they are required to indemnify the Council, its members and officers in relation to any such claims or liabilities.

2. To receive apologies for absence

3.  To receive declarations of interest from members and to consider requests for new DPI dispensations.
Members are invited to declare disclosable pecuniary interests and other interests in items on the agenda as required by the Mere Town Council Code of Conduct for Members and by the Localism Act 2011.

4.  Minutes – to approve Minutes of Town Council meeting held on Monday, 4th November 2019 and for Annual Budget committee to approve Minutes of Annual Budget Meeting held on Wednesday, 20th November 2019.

5.  Matters Arising
a) The Butt of Sherry – Decision to list The Butt of Sherry Public House, Castle Street, Mere, Warminster, Wiltshire.  BA12 6JE as an Asset of Community Value
b) Insurance claim update

6.  Reports & Consultations
*a) Neighbourhood Policing Report
b) County Councillor’s report

7.  Planning
a) Applications: (All applications can be viewed on Wiltshire Council’s website   – and type in the relevant application number)

Application Ref:          19/10305/TCA
Application for:           Work to Trees in a Conservation Area
Proposal:                     T1 – Raise canopy of beech by 1/3 thin
T2 – Fell dangerous Ash nr. Footpath in field
T3 – Fell Sycamore in box hedge
T4 – Fell diseased Sycamore in corner of garden
T5 – Remove one low limb of Indian Bean tree
At:                                The Old Rectory Cottage, Church Street, Mere.  BA12 6DS

Application Ref:          19/10316/FUL
Application for:           Full Planning
Proposal:                     Erection of a new dwelling
At:                                1 Underdown Mead, White Road, Mere.  BA12 6EX

Application Ref:          19/10786/TCA
Application for:           Work to Trees in a Conservation Area
Proposal:                     T1, T2 & T3 – Leylandii Trees – Fell
At:                                Highfields, Castle Hill Lane, Mere.  BA12 6JB

Application Ref:          19/10796/TCA
Application for:           Work to Trees in a Conservation Area
Proposal:                     T1 – Beech tree – shorten vertical branches by 3m & lateral branches by   2.5m
T2 – Horse Chestnut tree – shorten over extended branches in canopy by 1.5m
T3 – Lime tree – crown lift to 1.5m & cut back overhanging branches to give 2m
T4 – hedge – reduce height to 3.6m
At:                                The Old Brewery, Water Street, Mere.  BA12 6DY

8.  Highways, Rivers, Footpaths, Traffic & Transport
a) Report on CATG meeting held on 6th November 2019 (Signage for The Lynch & dropped kerbs for Edgebridge)
b) Wiltshire Council’s Deadline for receipt of waiting and parking restriction requests
c)  Update on issues for MyWiltshire Reporting App, jobs for Parish Steward + identification of new issues & jobs
d) “SLOW” signs on road along Castle Hill Lane

9.  Buildings, Open Spaces, Play Areas, Sports Grounds, Allotments & Cemeteries
*a)  Proposals for expansion of Mere School and expansion of parking area

10. Finance, Policy & Resources
*a) Payments – to approve payments set out in payment schedules attached
*b) To adopt recommendations made by Budget Meeting, as shown in Minutes of Budget Meeting held on Wednesday, 20th November 2019 (Minutes attached)
c) To approve Precept on Wiltshire Council for 2020/21
d) To approve contribution of £500 to CATG towards Signage for The Lynch
*e) Asset insurance reinstatement valuations
11.  General Items & Consultations/Briefing Notes
a) Judging Xmas Lights
*Briefing Notes:

  • Briefing Note No. 19-032 – Community Governance Review
  • Briefing Note No. 19-033 – Payphones Consultation
  • Briefing Note No. 19-035 – Community Foundation Surviving Winter Fund and Warm and Safe
  • Briefing Note No. 19-037 – Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) Strategy

12. Forthcoming meetings/events
a) Community Safety Group Meeting – 15th January at 6.00 p.m. at The Nadder Centre, Tisbury
b) Mere Town Council – Schedule of meeting dates for 2020
Monday, 13th January
Monday, 3rd February
Monday, 2nd March
Monday, 6th April
Monday, 4th May (I believe that the early May bank holiday has been moved to Friday, 8th May and so our TC meeting should be OK for Monday, 4th May)
Monday, 1st June
Monday, 6th July
No scheduled meeting for August
Monday, 7th September
Monday, 5th October
Monday, 2nd November
Monday, 7th December

13.  Future agenda items

Note:  Members are reminded that the Town Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety and Human Rights.

*Further information on these items enclosed/attached

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