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The Town Council meets monthly, on the first Monday of each calendar month,
usually in the Andy Young Pavilion at 7.30 p.m.  These meetings are open to the
public and there is a ‘public session’ at the beginning of each meeting when Townspeople are able to air their views, ideas and suggestions.  Occasionally it is necessary to hold meetings in between the main monthly meetings in order to meet consultation deadlines for planning applications or other discussion documents.
Agendas for all meetings will be displayed on the Town Council noticeboard (outside the Lecture hall) and on this website at least 4 days beforehand.  Every Town & Parish Council has to hold an Annual Meeting between 1st March and 1st June.  These meetings are public meetings and give an opportunity for Townspeople to hear of the work of the Council and other organisations and to ask questions.


councillors and staff

Since 1894 when the Town Council was established, it has operated with 15 councillors who are elected to serve for a period of four years – they do not receive any payment for being elected members and offer their time voluntarily. Elections took place in May 2007 and our existing Councillors are:

Mr. Robert Parsons, St. Kilva, The Square, Mere.  BA12 6DJ
Tel: 07817939570

Mr. Rodney Coward, Swallow Cottage, Manor Road, Mere.
Tel: 01747 861156

Mr. Clive Hazzard, 2 Bramble Furlong, Castle Street, Mere.
Tel: 01747 860318

Mr. Raymond Hill, Elmwood House, Water Street, Mere. BA12 6DZ
Tel: 01747 860361

Mrs. Kate Symonds, 2 Fennel Road, Mere. BA12 6RT
Tel: 01747 861279

Mr. Richard Hughes, Hill House, Limpers Hill, Mere. BA12 6BD
Tel:01747 860781

Mrs. Jane Hurd, Townsend House, Castle Street, Mere. BA12 6JL
Tel: 01747 860218

Mr. George Jeans, Mere Cottage, Salisbury Street, Mere. BA12 6HB
Tel:01747 860215

Mr. Eric Mitchell, Two Counties Farm, Shaftesbury Road, Mere. BA12 6BJ
Tel:01747 860156

Mr. Bretton Norris, Kismet, Springfield Road, Mere. BA12 6EW
Tel: 01747 860817

Mr. John Jordan, The Cottage, Castle Street, Mere.  BA12 6JF

Mr. Mark Cassidy, 8 Walnut Road, Mere, BA12 6JF

Mr. Roy Sims, 10 Long Hill, Mere. BA12 6LR
Tel: 01747 863328

Mrs. Lesley Traves, Hillcroft, Castle Hill Lane, Mere. BA12 6JB
Tel: 01747 860611

Mr. Nick Beale, Pear Tree Cottage, Burton, Mere.  BA12 6BR
Tel: 01747 861908

Elections 2017

Candidate Description Votes
Hazzard, Clive Eric John (Elected) Independent 661 49.62%
Jeans, George Edwin (Elected) Independent 1065 79.95%
Mitchell, Eric John (Elected) Independent 576 43.24%
Sims, Roy David (Elected)   439 32.96%
Norris, Brett (Elected)   575 43.17%
Jordan, John Anthony (Elected)   557 41.82%
Mead, Alan Philip (Elected)   413 31.01%
Ings, Glen (Elected)   580 43.54%
Traves, Lesley Ruth (Elected)   560 42.04%
Symonds, Kate (Elected)   542 40.69%
Hurd, Jane (Elected)   694 52.10%
Colman, Aubrey (Elected) Independent 458 34.38%
Coward, Rodney (Elected) Retired Farmer 699 52.48%
Beale, Nicholas Paul   400 30.03%
Coward, Philip Wenman (Elected)   593 44.52%
Hill, Raymond John (Elected)   629 47.22%
Turnout and statistics
Turnout 1,343 (56.55%)
Spoiled votes 11

Any questions relating to Town Council’s services and functions should be addressed to:
Mrs.Lindsey Wood, Town Clerk, Mere Town Council, Duchy Manor, Springfield Road, Mere, BA12  6EW.
The office is usually open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays between
10 a.m. & 3 p.m. Tel: 01747860701 or Email: lindseywood@merewilts.org



Although the Town Council is directly responsible for our allotments, cemetery, amenity open spaces and sports fields, we do act as consultees to Wiltshire Council on other matters such as Planning Applications, Development Control, Waste & Recycling, Traffic & Transport,
Highways, Rivers and Footpaths, Housing Needs and Street Lighting and we are in regular contact with the local police authority, youth development workers, NHS, emergency services, Highways Agency and other agencies/organisations that have an interest or connection with Mere.

Accounts and Audit | Minutes of last meeting | Agenda | Clerks Report | Archive | News | News Archive