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Wiltshire Council Local Plan Review – public consultation events coming up

Wiltshire Council is undertaking a review of the Local Plan.  The current Local Plan is the Wiltshire Core Strategy.  The Government requires every Local Plan to be reviewed at least once every five years.  The Core Strategy was adopted in 2015 and is therefore being reviewed.  Wiltshire Council has to allocate sufficient land to satisfy housing and employment needs up to 2036, and is seeking the views of local communities and stakeholders to see if the suggested distribution of numbers across the county is correct, and which of the proposed sites are most suitable. The Local Plan Review Consultation is currently taking place but as COVID restrictions mean that face-to-face events will not be possible during this review, they are currently holding a series of online events.  Please Google ‘Wiltshire Council Local Plan Review’ to find out more information and to book your place at the online events.  (NB the events most relevant for the Mere area will be the two ‘Rural Area’ events taking place on Monday, 1st February and Tuesday, 2nd February between 7 and 8 pm.) Feedback during this review consultation will help to shape the draft Local Plan which will then be used to guide decisions on whether future planning applications for housing, infrastructure and land for employment can be granted.

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