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What We Do



The County Council, i.e. Wiltshire Council, is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and repair of public roads in and around Mere, including potholes, drains and drain covers, and surfacing

  • Provision and maintenance of signage and street furniture including street name signs

  • Maintenance and repair of pavements and public footpaths, including keeping them clear of overgrown shrubs and hedges, and of weeds

  • Provision, maintenance and repair of street lighting

  • Maintenance of road markings including junctions, ‘slow’ indications and pedestrian crossings

  • Police

  • Schools

  • Problems or issues relating to potholes, drain covers, road markings, overgrowth on public roads and paths, fly tipping and street lights should be reported directly to Wiltshire Council using the MyWiltshire reporting facility


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Mere Town Council is responsible for the letting of the allotments, and the collection of rent, and pay the water rates. Although allotment tenants are expected to cultivate their plots, control weeds and keep the plots in good condition, MTC grounds staff also undertake general tidying in the allotment areas. There is currently a waiting list for allotments at all three sites: Southbrook, Jack Paul Close and Wellhead. If you would like to rent an allotment please contact the Town Clerk on 01747 860701 or  Allotment rents vary between £15 and £30 p.a. depending on plot size.

Click HERE to view an allotment tenancy agreement example.

Andy Young Pavilion

The Pavilion was built by the Town Council in 2006 to provide facilities for local sports clubs and groups. Mere Town Council owns and maintains the Andy Young Pavilion as well as the paths and car parking area and MTC grounds staff maintain the sports ground and keep the grass mown.

Mere Town Council is responsible for maintenance and repairs to the chapels in the cemetery, the clock tower, the clock tower island, Jubilee Garden walls, Pennybank Lane walls, the War Memorial, Huntsgate/Walnut Tree Play Area walls and railings, the old horticultural shed and the telephone kiosk in The Square (where a public access defibrillator is currently located).

Mere Railway Modellers’ Club

This building, in Castle Street Car Park, is owned by Mere Town Council but leased to the Railway Modellers’ Club, who maintain it.

Changing Rooms, Duchy Manor

Mere Town Council is responsible for maintenance and repair, utilities (gas, electricity, water), fire alarm maintenance and water testing. The changing rooms, although mainly used by the football club, are available for community use.

Mere Town Council took responsibility for the public toilets in Salisbury Street Car Park when it became apparent that they would be closed by Wiltshire Council. We lease the building from Wiltshire Council and are responsible for cleaning and equipment, water and sewerage, electricity, plumbing and repairs, the cleaner’s wages and holiday cover. The Town Council has aspirations to refurbish the public toilets.

Mere Town Council leases Castle Street and Salisbury Street car parks from Wiltshire Council. We are  responsible for their maintenance and for paying the rates. Parking is free in the car park and the Town Council believes that it is important to maintain this facility for visitors to the town. By receiving sponsorship from local businesses, some of the car park costs are met.

Mere Town Council also owns the car park at The Fields.

Bowling Green

Mere Town Council leases the bowling green to the bowls club who are responsible for maintenance and repairs.

Croquet & Boules Club (North Road)

Mere Town Council leases the ground to the Mere Croquet & Boules Club who are responsible for its upkeep.

Playground equipment

We have three equipped children’s play areas:

  • Recreation Ground
  • Castle Hill Play Area
  • Walnut Road Play Area

We ensure that the play areas are maintained and that the equipment is safe to use. We carry out our own weekly safety inspections and have a RoSPA annual safety inspection.

Cemetery and Burials

The Town Council is the burial authority for Mere. We are responsible for paying water and general rates, maintaining walls, railings and footpaths, for signs/security, tree and weed management and plumbing repairs. We check the stability of all memorials on a regular basis and try to ensure that the cemetery is mown regularly.


Cemetery Fees from 01-04-2020

Burial regulations

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