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COVID-19 Update


Mere Resilience Forum

Cards are being distributed around the town. If you are not able to collect one the
information is repeated below. Download and print or just write down the details.
The system is designed for those who are forced or instructed to Self-Isolate—please
DO NOT abuse.

Mere Town Council’s – Local Resilience Forum
If you are self-isolating due to Covid-19 and need help with:

■ Prescription pickup

■ Posting mail

■ Picking up shopping

■ A friendly phone call

Just get in touch with one of our telephone co-ordinators listed below between 8.00am and 6.00pm and we will do our best to find someone nearby to help you (for free!)
This is not an alternative to the NHS or Social Services; it is simply residents trying to look after each other.



Home Phone


Ann Rich

01747 861493

07413 512023

Isabel Page

01747 860297


Jane Batten

01747 860583


Joanne King


07740 858923

Julie Norris


07503 525954

Mary Wilson

01747 229609

07550 076240

Rachael Hansford

01747 860168

07989 470278

Rose Heesom


07791 559674

Roy Beavis


07878 903178


If you are self-isolating and have absolutely no other family, friends or neighbours who can help you, then please  contact  one  of  these  between the hours of 8.00am – 6.00pm.

If you can volunteer in any way or wish to make any comment then please contact:
Richard Jefferies
01747 863425
07950 797273



Mere Town Council is liaising with Mere Surgery and other local bodies and organisations to try and co-ordinate some kind of useful assistance, help and support for the community during the coronavirus situation.  One of the problems is that information is changing daily and so we will post links on our website to the official sites that keep their information updated.  We will also post useful advice that we have acquired on how members of the community can help friends and neighbours.  Being aware that some vulnerable people in Mere may not be on Facebook or on the internet at all, we are dropping leaflets through doors in some locations.

Useful links:

Useful contact numbers:
NHS 111 – only call 111 if you cannot get help online
Education queries – phone the Department for Education on 0800 046 8687
Wiltshire Council – 0300 456 0100

We need YOUR help during the Coronavirus Outbreak!


Mere Town Council’s – Local Resilience Forum responds to Covid-19.

We have now established 2 registers of volunteers:
A short list of telephone co-ordinators  – these will be the first points of contact for those who are self-isolating to contact if they need help with prescription collections, shopping etc. These volunteers will in turn identify the nearest person on the 2nd volunteer register and contact them to see if they can offer assistance. 

Postcards with the names and numbers of the telephone coordinators will be distributed throughout the town in the shops, post office etc this weekend. 
The April edition of Mere Matters (hopefully in the shops by Friday 27th March) will be a rather different one from normal and will include up to date information, more details of Mere’s response to Covid-19 and a further printed copy of the post cards. 
Through yet another group of volunteers, we are hoping to get this copy of Mere Matters hand delivered to every household in Mere (1700 copies).   It would help these volunteers considerably if you could sanitise or disinfect your letter boxes please – just a sensible precaution.

The support plan seems to be gaining momentum and we hope it will be all fully operational shortly. 
Volunteers have already carried one or two tasks for those in need.  We anticipate that the volunteer register will be continually updated with new people asking to help and others possibly asking to opt out.  
Thank you to all the lovely people of Mere.

You can contact me through email:

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