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Chairman’s Report February 2024

March has been described as a month pulled back by winter’s cold and forward by spring’s warmth, this year I think we would all ask for it to be either, but dry! At the last Town Council meeting we heard from a group of councillors about ways in which we might make the most of the grounds and open spaces available to us in Mere.  There are a great many activities which take place here from archery to tennis and much more, but we will be looking to extend what is available to residents.  Our plan looks to find enthusiasts in activities which do not already have a place on the Mere calendar and to hold an event later in the year for others to try these activities out, watch this space for news of what will happen.  One such newcomer, which you will have seen information about on these pages, is pétanque and we shall be improving the facility on the old swimming pool site.

I have been to the LHFIG (Highways) meeting where, with our Project Co-ordinator and our County Councillor, we were able to put forward plans to make Hazzards Hill, Edgebridge and the end of Manor Road safer places for all road users.  This is one step in a process which can take some time, but we will keep engaged until we realise our aim – of safer roads in Mere.

I had asked for suggestions for the commemoration of 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in June and am pleased to report that we have had representations and will be holding a quiet tribute at the War Memorial.  Though it will not be large, in the way of some recent commemorations, it will be important and will mark this day with due respect.

While it is not our business to provide banking in Mere, we are concerned about news that the Lloyds Bank mobile service is due to end in May.  My thanks to Ted Hanson for drawing our attention to this.  Here is a link to the information about this:    If this change is going to affect you then do contact Lloyds Bank. If you let us know as well, we would then make a representation from the Council about the impact on the community.

The Town Council has embarked upon a joint project with Wiltshire Council to make improvements to the footpath running from Clements Lane to Angel Lane – which is to be named ‘Eric Mitchell Way’.  Work will start on 4th March which will mean that the footpath will be closed for the duration of the works.  The official footpath closure is for 8 weeks but we will endeavour to re-open the footpath as soon as it is safe to do so.

John Jordan

Chairman, Mere Town Council

for information on Town Council activities, minutes, agendas, etc 01747 860701