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Delegated Decision report 1st August 2023

 Mere Town Council

Town Clerk – Mrs. L. C. Wood



Due to the fact that the Town Council has no meeting in August and in accordance with the Town Council’s Delegated Decision Scheme, after consultation with members via email and discussions between the Clerk and Chairman, the following delegated decisions were made:


  1. Planning Applications
  2. Applications for consultation response


Application No: PL/2023/05265
Application Type: Householder planning permission
Proposal: Single Storey Rear Extension
Site Address: 1 Chance Cottage, Shaftesbury Road, Mere, BA12 6BW
Planning Register Link:

Submit ‘No objection’ response.

 Application No: PL/2023/05067
Application Type: Full planning permission
Proposal: Loft conversion to the original dwelling and the creation of a new three bedroom attached dwelling
Site Address: 3 Underdown Mead, White Road, Mere, Warminster, Wilts, BA12 6EX
Planning Register Link:



Submit ‘Objection’ for the following reasons:

There has been a history of development around the two semi-detached houses formerly known as 3 and 4 Underdown Mead.

PL/2022/04385 granted approval for a 2-bed bungalow to be built in the garden of No. 4 Underdown Mead

PL/2022/08821 refused permission for a new 2-bed bungalow to be built in the garden of No. 3 Underdown Mead for the following reasons: The proposed development will fail to ensure that the occupants of the proposed dwelling have a high standard of amenity, due to the overlooking from the parent dwelling and a lack of adequate private amenity space, contrary to the provisions of Policy CP 57 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy and to the requirements of paragraph 130 of the NPPF. The amenities of the occupants of the parent dwelling would be adversely affected by the significant reduction in the amount of usable amenity space to the rear of that dwelling as a result of the proposed bungalow to the immediate rear of the property, contrary to the provisions of the above Policy and paragraph of the NPPF.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TOWN COUNCIL SUPPORTED THIS APPLICATION.

PL/2023/02925 –granted approval for a Loft conversion with velux roof lights of 4A Underdown Mead.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Town Council raised no objection to the application for a bungalow in the garden of No. 3 Underdown Mead – it is noted that No. 4 has a dwelling i0n the garden and also now has approval for a loft conversion, this application is asking for a loft conversion and a further dwelling.  The loft conversions create extra bedrooms and therefore the potential need for more car parking spaces.  We therefore felt that the Town Council should object to this planning application due to the fact that it would create a cramped form of development and the parking provision for both the parent dwelling and the new dwelling would be difficult to access and would be insufficient.

Application No: PL/2022/09365
Application Type: Full planning permission AMENDED PLANS/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Proposal: New employment building (Use Class B2) with associated offices, access, car parking, service space, landscaping and associated development infrastructure.
Site Address: Land adjacent to Quarryfield Industrial Estate, Castle Street, Mere, BA12 6LA
Applicant: Godminster Limited
Planning Register Link


Submit ‘No objection’ response.

Application No: PL/2023/05866
Application Type: Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area
Proposal: T1 Lawson Cypress – Fell.
Planning Register Link:


Submit  ‘No Objection’ response.


  1. Football

The Youth football club have received a grant from Wiltshire Council to buy some new steel goal posts which they would like to erect on the second pitch in the Recreation Ground and have asked us to grant permission.  (This is the pitch that is nearer the tennis courts/youth club).  These goal posts would be a permanent fixture as they would be cemented into the ground.  (There used to be goal posts on this pitch but they were removed as they were unsafe).  The Chairman and I have assessed this and feel that on balance we should raise no objection as the installation of these goal posts should not cause any hinderance or obstruction to anyone and whilst we could insist that the youth football club use portable goal posts we need to acknowledge that they would have nowhere to store them securely and they would likely become vandalised.  An objection was raised by a councillor and so this item has been deferred for discussion at the September Town Council meeting.

  1. Payments

The following payments were authorised:

14.7.23                  DD          Mainstram Digital                             Admin: Telephone & Broadband                               38.39

20.7.23                  BACS     Veryard Machinery                         Grounds machinery:  Stiga mowers                          50.88

20.7.23                  BACS     SLCC Enterprises                              Admin:  Internal Audit                                                    642.00

20.7.23                  BACS     Veryard Machinery                         Grounds machinery: Stiga mowers                           314.90

20.7.23                  BACS     Mr. R. E. Pipe                                     Admin:  Travel expenses                                               24.75

20.7.23                  BACS     Screwfix                                               Health & Safety: Changing Rooms                             124.59

20.7.23                  BACS     T. J. Thornley                                     Publicity/Tourism promotion: Website                   158.16

20.7.23                  BACS     Mole Valley Farmers                       Grounds expenses, grounds sundries                      209.59

20.7.23                  BACS     Cleaning Supplies Ltd                      Public Toilets: Cleaning products                               96.24

20.7.23                  BACS     Garden & Hire Spares                     Grounds sundries: strimmer line                                                58.55

20.7.23                  BACS     Forge Garages                                   Grounds expenses: Fuel & Oil                                      235.10

20.7.23                  BACS     Amazon (via L. C. Wood)               Public Toilets: Air Fresheners                                     40.93

21.7.23                  DD          Southern Electric                              Clock Tower:  Unmetered electricity                        8.74

31.7.23                  DD          British Gas                                          Public Toilets: Electricity                                                55.18

31.7.23                  DD          Hills Waste Solutions                      Street Cleaning:  Waste removal                                                166.70

4.7.23 – 31.7.23                                 Imprest Account –                           Payroll (amalgamated)                                             11526.01

The Clerk pointed out that she had still not yet paid Kompan for the play area refurbishment at the Walnut Road Play Area as she was negotiating with them over aspects of the invoice that they have charged for but which were not used.