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Public Consultation Meeting Monday 18th March

Some years ago, Mere Town Council put forward a proposal for a Community Governance Review to include the area between Castle Street and the A303 (where Visit Hillbrush is now and where the new care home is being built)  within the parish of Mere (it is currently outside the Mere parish boundary and inside the Zeals parish boundary).  The reasoning behind this proposal is that the area reflects the community identity of Mere as very few people realised that this area was not within the parish boundary – the Visit Hillbrush address is Castle Street, Mere; the area is adjacent to the built-up area of Mere; people living and working in the new care home would, naturally, be using the facilities in Mere – surgery, dentists, pharmacy etc.

The electoral review committee has considered this proposal and is recommending that the parish boundary is changed.

The Electoral Review Committee’s considerations and recommendations can be found here:

These proposals are subject to public consultation which has been open from 12th February – 18th March.

A  public consultation meeting has been scheduled for: 

Monday 18th March 2024, 7.00pm at Mere Social Club, Hazzards Hill, Mere, BA12 6EU. 

Additional parking has been arranged at Duchy Manor (Mere School)

Please come along to the meeting if you wish to make representations in respect of the proposals relating to Mere and Zeals parish boundaries.